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  • Access Comprehensive trade analysis reports
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Powerful Business Intelligence
  • Solutions for suppliers, buyers, logistics, governments and researchers
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Explore and Succede in Latin America Marketplace
  • Take advantage of valuable market data
  • Evaluate New and Existing Markets in Mexico and South America
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  • Explore potential leads
  • Establish, and foster investment and business opportunities in this quickly emerging arena
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JML International Trade and Marketing Data Intelligence Company

Comprehensive Trade Intelligence Data

For more than 35 years, JML International has been helping its clients succeed in the Latin America marketplace, by providing the most comprehensive trade intelligence data. With our guidance, you will be able to expand your business operations and gain the competitive advantage needed to thrive in a complex market. Work with a partner who is an expert in global trade and reap the rewards of a strengthened supply chain.

Trade Intelligence Data


JML International has extensive databases of information that will allow for in-depth analysis of company trends, movement of goods in and out of Mexico and Latin America, market shares, distribution channels, and logistical, operational challenges.

Trade Intelligence Data

Market Analysis


We will help you gain the advantage to compete in your market with international trade data and market analysis. Our customer-focused approach involves understanding your business needs to help find the right solutions.

Market Intelligence in Mexico

Sourcing & Supplying


Looking for suppliers or distributors? We specialize in providing a complete range of trade services to companies interested in pursuing business opportunities in Latin America. Expand your knowledge base with precision and proficiency.

International Trade Data

JML, in its business endeavors, is committed to the economic and social development of Latin America, as realized through increased living standards, job creation and the overall well-being of its citizens.

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